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Dyck’s  Mobile Shrink Wrapping is a professional mobile shrink wrap installation services to boat owners, manufacturers, the construction trade, etc. Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap is based out of Kelowna BC, specializing in the preparation of your valuable assets for outdoor storage and shipment. We come to your location and shrink wrap what you need on the spot. Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap is currently serving Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton (the Okanagan area) and now Kamloops, BC. Marine services now include mobile Shrink Wrap, winterization, detailing and even outdoor storage.

The key to this unique wrapping service is our shrink film. We use only premium shrink wrap made of 100% virgin resin material with maximum UV inhibitors built for long term outside storage. When properly applied, this high quality, heavy plastic material provides a remarkable protective cover around an object. The finished product provides a form fitting, impenetrable barrier that resists wind (extremely important during transport), rain, snow and other elements. Because the cover is heat sealed, it affords complete protection even under the most adverse environmental conditions. And although it provides an excellent protective seal, this unique wrap can be removed in minutes.

The versatility of our incredibly tough shrink film allows for it to be used on a variety of applications. Anything from marine (on trailer or in water), travel trailers, vehicles, transport loads and even patio furniture.

Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrapping is unique, because our personnel come right to your location with all the tools necessary to wrap your assets on the spot. Not only is our service convenient, but the best part is the price. It’s cheaper than getting it done at a local shop, as we strive for convenience and quality, to make sure your assets are protected to the max.

“Protect Your Assets, Wrap it Up!”

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